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Hays County needs a sheriff who is experienced, innovative, and motivated in all areas of the criminal justice system. The Hays County Sheriff's Office is an outstanding organization of hard-working men and women, and with me as your sheriff we have moved this county forward providing for the future growth and protection of our citizens.

I am Gary Cutler, Hays County Sheriff

Beautiful hill country vistas and sprawling farmlands combine to make Hays County a place that is attracting unprecedented growth. Businesses are prospering, and many are planned for the future. Our primary and secondary schools provide excellent educational opportunities and distinguished Texas State University sits in the middle of a perfect place to call home.

Because Hays is such an appealing area of Central Texas, the county is experiencing major growth issues that often occur when a county lies under the umbrella of a metropolis. Families and people of all different cultures and socioeconomic status are not only moving here from surrounding counties but from all over the country.

As varied as the reasons for moving to Hays County are, so are the complex problems that growth brings.

Not all our neighbors and even visitors desire to contribute in a positive way to our communities. Burglars, thieves, drug dealers, and child molesters are just a few criminals who can come with the influx of growth, not to mention traffic congestion and alcohol related concerns.

The Hays County Sheriff is elected to provide the citizens of the county the law enforcement protection that they deserve and expect regardless of inevitable growth. A sheriff is not elected into office to write new laws and burden the taxpayers with undue taxes but to enforce the written statutes enacted by our lawmakers.

Pd. Pol. Adv. by Cutler For Sheriff Campaign


Pol. Ad. Pd. by Cutler for Sheriff Campaign