Sheriff Cutler


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  • Implemented one of the first law enforcement agencies in Texas to train, equip and deploy "unmanned robotics" technology to aid first responders during natural disasters, missing/lost persons, crime scene documentation and high-risk law enforcement operations.

  • Created our DRONE program and deployed to numerous operations.

  • Instituted Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training for citizens in Hays County as a response to recent active shooter incidents with over 700 citizens having attended the training.

  • Implemented a nationally recognized Standard School Safety Protocols that has been endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott.

  • Implemented a new Intelligence Lead Policing Model using modern analytics to identify "hot spots" where criminal activity is taking place as well as historical information to identify issues before they become problems, focusing available resources to suppress criminal activity.

  • Implemented Smart Force, a computer system that allows for real time sharing of intelligence and communication between all entities using the program.

  • Augmented Crime Scene Investigation Unit with technology, FARO software, and staff to better process crime scenes.

  • Enhanced the Criminal Investigations Division by providing training in computer and cell phone forensics to address more sophisticated crimes.

  • Instituted Corporal position in the Law Enforcement Bureau to develop young leaders and increase supervision in Patrol Division.

  • Increased the number of Patrol Division Lieutenants from two (2) to four (4) thus increasing field command on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Added night fire qualifications to law enforcement training in 2011.

  • Published inmate handbook in Spanish in 2011

  • Provided technical assistance in the planning of a new jail, public safety building, training building and fleet maintenance facility.

  • Introduced video magistration in 2011.

  • Began manual Labor Credit Program using inmate labor to enhance facilities and shorten jail time.

  • Continued to utilized inmate labor in different areas of the jail increasing their skill set and saving the county funds for services provided.  From January - September 2019 inmates provided 41,276 hours at a $12 per hour rate equating to $495,315.00.

  • Maintained issuance of trade certificates to eligible inmates that complete training and mentoring programs to assist with transition upon release.  The program is expected to expand in the future.

  • Development Special Services Division:

    • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT):  Team specializes in consumers with mental health related issues.  This team includes a social worker.

    • Repeat Offender Program (ROP):  Team specializes in offenders within the community who are known to the criminal justice system to repeatedly commit felony offenses.  Team works directly with Assistant District Attorneys as they build cases against career criminals plaguing our communities.  Deputies are also members of the US Marshal's Service "Lone Star Fugitive Task Force."

    • Sex Offender Registrar (SOR):  Deputy registers, tracks and checks compliance of over 170 registered sex offenders in unincorporated Hays County.  This deputy is also a member of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and works closely with the US Marshal's Service in monitoring Registered Sex Offenders.

  • Streamlined vehicle fleet for better overall efficiency, saving approximately $460K.

  • Established an Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) or Internal Affairs office to investigate complaints.

  • Reorganized Sheriff's Office and established Support Services and the Jail Support Section without adding staff to increase efficiencies and communication.

  • Developed Civil Service styled policy system with input from both union presidents (Fraternal Order of Police and Combined Law Enforcement of Texas) in 2011.

  • Developed and implemented new standard operating procedures requiring medical clearance of individuals prior to booking of new prisoners.  This practice will save Hays County taxpayers by avoiding lawsuits.

  • Implemented Civil Service styled promotions.

  • Instituted SPOTCRIME on HCSO WEB page and daily media email releases to keep public and deputies informed about area crime.

  • Launched Volunteer Victim Assistance Program in July 2011 at no additional costs to county.

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